About Us: Launch Era

2012 was the year of research development and resurrection. We spent the better part of the year working on resurrecting the family name, cultivating a business plan, working with design firms, going through extensive permit process and then ultimately incorporating Henebery Spirits. 

Early design decisionsEarly design work

It was not an easy journey; however, it was stimulating and passion driven. Our family entered the liquor business with little knowledge about what we were in for. The Spirits Industry has proven to be very difficult and obstacles have been presented around every turn. Luckily our family has never turned their cheek to a challenge and we have met this industry head on. 

We started our journey by collectively and thoughtfully creating a Spirit we could really rally behind. We spent countless hours trying to make Henebery CELEBRATED Whiskey. The thoughtfulness behind it was Matthew Henebery, our namesake, referred to his Whiskey as "Celebrated." We unfortunately did not get passed down an actual family recipe, (just labels, logos, and trademarks) so we wanted to dive into the idea of Celebration. Our flagship Rye Whiskey that we launched is just that, a Celebration. We worked tirelessly trying to pin point flavors that first and foremost went with the flavors the American Oak offered like vanillins, but also was a whiskey that could change the current landscape of Whiskey, something that can be enjoyed in times of Celebration. 

We did it! In late 2012 we launched our stand alone product. We were currently working with an existing distillery to produce and bottle so we were able to obtain our very own wholesale license. Matthew Henebery was an Importer, Wholesaler, Rectifier, and Distiller so we knew we were on the right track by following in his footsteps. 

Jesse Fanning CEO of Henebery explains this era best when he said "it was very liberating, exciting, and overall the American dream to walk into a bar, restaurant, or liquor store, and passionately pitch Henebery Celebrated Whiskey. Then 5 minutes later deliver it from the back of my Camry."

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