About Us: We Build

After a few years of distributing our pride and joy Henebery Celebrated Whiskey, we finally hit our goals and we were able to justify building a place to call home. We thought getting a wholesale license was hard, just wait...

After over a year of looking at commerical real estate we finally found our home in beautiful Vista Ca, 2870 Scott St. #105 to be exact. We thought the hard part was over but we were mistaken. This is where we really got to see who we were. 

Now we are bringing to life a distillery (keep in mind this is our first time). We luckily decided to work with a company that has done it before CLTVT, look them up they are great. We also needed an architect, plumbers, electricians, cabinet guys, and so on. If that wasn't bad enough we had to sprinkle in the city and the state and the federal government. So here we are a family and team filled with passion trying to accomplish something remarkable all on a time line, what could go wrong? Well, simply stated, we had a full year and a half of paying rent before we could turn on the still or open our doors. With delay comes stories, we will save those for another day. 

We did it! We finally opened the doors to our very first distillery. Now is when it started really getting excited. We are now able to tell our story, teach our history, and make amazing spirits all under one roof. We have and continue to meet amazing people that really care about this emerging industry. We feel fortunate to know we will continue to push the envelope, help build an industry, and listen to what the world wants next. 

Our COO David Lizarraga explains this era pretty well "our next distillery we build we will know what we are doing."